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Nurses and Caregivers 24 hrs.

Nurses and Carers 24 Hrs.

Nurses and Caregivers 24 Hrs.

Nurses and Caregivers

Cura Mexico is a professional team of paramedics, caregivers and specialized nurses and our top priority is the well-being of our patients.


We provide our clients with the right equipment according to their physical and medical needs and a first class service.


We are looking forward to assist you during your visit so you can enjoy Cancun’s paradise to the fullest. We make sure that your visit to the archeological sites, aquatic activities as well as other experiences will be unforgettable.


Our babysitters are nurse assistants, nursery nurses and/or have a nursing degree. This qualifies them to oversee the little ones, interact with them in the correct way and they will also provide First Aid assistance if ever needed / required.

Nurses and Caregivers

We make sure that our personnel

are completely qualified, therefore we required them to provide the following information:

* Studies certifications


* Work and personal references


* Psychometric tests


* We also apply a social-economical test and verify their place

  of living.


* In order to keep them updated we provide our staff

   with the following training:


* First aid and general assistance


* Basic hygiene techniques


* Dental health techniques


* Nursery rhymes and children games


And we take great concern on making sure they all are punctual and responsible.

Our Personnel
Flight Nurses, Caregivers and Medical Escort Services

Cancun.  998-882-92-73 



Mexico City.  55-539-645-10

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