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Nurses and Caregivers 24 hrs.

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Nurses and Caregivers in USA and Canada

Mexican Nurses and Caregivers at Home:


Cura México is offering the service of bilingual home nursing and caregiving in the United States and Canada with the quality and warmth that characterizes the health provider in our country.


When you request our services, we will have a conversation with you via telephone or video where we will learn about the needs, medical condition(s) and day-to-day activities of the patient. Following our conversation, we will evaluate and assign the proper personnel to offer a personalized service and cover all the patient's needs.

Once the patient has been evaluated, we will send you the resumes of the most appropriate personel for the support you need.

Each of our nurses or caregivers will offer a service consisting of around-the-clock 24-hour care for a maximum of 30 days. The limit of 30 days is to protect the welfare and general health care of our staff, and so they can also provide an excellent service. At the end of the 30-day period, a personnel change will take place with a new staff member of your choice.

When our service begins, a representative of Cura México will arrive at your home with the nurse or caregiver who will be supporting the patient during the month in order to evaluate the patient and the place where the service will be provided.


It is of great importance to provide a comfortable place for the Cura México staff to rest and clean up, as also to notify her about her meals schedule.

For your safety and assurance, our personal has already been provided with an international medical insurance.

We have supported many American and Canadian families in this way and it has been a success since we give you the support and affection that your patient needs.


We also offer the service in Mexico City, Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

For more information and costs, contact us. 

You will not regret it. 

Learn about our care quality that has characterized us by excellence.

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Flight Nurses, Caregivers and Medical Escort Services

Cancun.  998-882-92-73 

       +(52) 1 998-152-11-57               


Mexico City.  55-539-645-10

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